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All U.S. and foreign facilities that process, pack, or carry human or animal food for consumption in the United States must register with the FDA as a Food Facility, according to United States law. If you do not have a valid facility registration your product will be detained, and you will not be able to clear FDA customs.

U.S. Agent and Registration Include

-FDA Registration

-US Agent-Certificate of registration

-Free registration updates

-3 prior notice filings per year

-FDA Compliance monitoring

-Detention Assistance

-DUNS assistanceMore

Labeling andproduct review

Basic label review includes review of:

-Statement of Identity-Net Content-Ingredient Statement-Business Address-Country of Origin-Product Category-Foreign Language-Serving Size

Advanced label review includes basic label plus review plus detailed Review of Nutrition Facts and suggested draft label.

The Food Manufacturer or Distributor is responsible to make sure their food product labeling are complying with FDA regulations. USFDA will not review or approve food labels. We will help you to confirm your product labels are complying with FDA requirements.

ALcoholic beverage compliance

Preparation, formula approvals, filing of Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) and other applications with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) COLA waivers

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U.S. FDA requires the filingof Prior Notice for all food, beverage shipments entering the United States. Save time and money, Reduce Prior Notice filing time, Decrease potential filing errors

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